Discover the potential of your soil with Wintex Agro soil sampling technology

Wintex Agro soil samplers are designed to make soil sampling fast, accurate and cost effective with minimal effort.  They can be mounted on virtually any vehicle and all functions can be carried out from the drivers seat. 

Whether you have a small sampling job or are sampling large areas a Wintex Agro sampler allows you to collect samples fast, efficiently and precisely. 

The Wintex Agro range of samplers are efficient and strong.  The depth can be adjusted according to the user's needs and can operate in a wide range of soil types and conditions.  The samplers are user-friendly, fully automatic and require minimal maintenance.

With five sampler models there is a Wintex Agro sampler to suit your requirements.

Innovative solutions for soil sampling

Wintex Agro 1000 and 1000s soil samplers are fast and efficient options for collecting samples to a single depth.

Wintex 1000

The Wintex 1000 is developed to sample the top 0-25cm which can be adjusted to suit your requirements.  The soil sample is automatically emptied into the box to ensure a quick and effective way to collect shallow soil samples. 

The soil sample is collected with a probe, not an auger, to ensure a consistent and accurate sample is collected every time and the Wintex 1000 is equipped with three settings to adapt to different soil types.

Wintex 1000s

The Wintex 1000s is an automatic soil sampler for collecting soil samples down to 30cm.  The Wintex 1000s operates in most soil types. 

A hydraulic hammer together with the pressure from the cylinder ensures the probe goes to the desired depth and the pressure can be adjusted according to soil type. 

The soil sample is collected with a probe, not an auger for accuracy of sampling.

Automatic splitting of samples

Wintex Agro 2000 and 3000 samplers have the capacity to sample to depth and automatically split the soil into multiple samples. 

Wintex 2000

The Wintex 2000 is an automatic and powerful soil sampler for soil samples up to 60cm.  The Wintex 2000 also uses a hydraulic hammer together with the adjustable pressure cylinder for accurate sampling in a range of soil types. 

The Wintex 2000 has an additional program allowing for the collection of soil samples at two depths at the same time.  The point where the sample is split can be adjusted according to the user's requirement.

Wintex 3000

The Wintex 3000 is a reliable, fast and efficient soil sampler for collecting samples up to 90cm.  The Wintex 3000 can collect samples from up to three layers at the same time.  The depth, as well as where the samples will be split, can be adjusted according to the users requirements and the sample is automatically split into the soil sampling boxes.

The Wintex 3000 uses a hydraulic probe with adjustable pressure for collecting soil samples. 

When deep sampling is necessary

Wintex Agro MCL3 soil samplers are suitable for both agriculture and research where accurate sampling to depths of either 1.20m or 2m is required.

Wintex MCL3

The Wintex MCL3 is a powerful soil sampler suitable for both agriculture and research requirements.  The Wintex MCL3 is designed for taking high quality soil samples quickly and effectively irrespective of the soil type.  The probe for the Wintex MCL3 has a specially designed tip which ensures optimal, representative and homogeneous soil samples at full depth. 

The Wintex MCL3 is operated from the control panel and has a valve which automatically adjusts the speed to match soil type. 

There are two machines available; one with a sampling depth of 1.20m and the other with a sampling depth of 2m. 


Wintex Agro soil samplers

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