Soil sampling made easy.

Understanding soil is a key step in making informed decisions about what fertiliser or soil ameliorant is required, at what rate and what parts of the field to apply the products.
Accurately collecting, recording and managing soil samples is critical, after all, its your farm (or clients farm), your information; anytime, anywhere.
Yarrawa can assist to collect, manage and use the information easily. 
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The future is in the soil

Yarrawa can meet your soil sampling needs; whether its a means for collecting the soil, or a system for the recording of sampling points, managing data and creating recommendations.

The more you test, the more you know.

With Soil Test Pro you are in control of your nutrient management needs and fertiliser application.  Soil Test Pro makes it easy and cost effective to sample your farm and make informed decisions.  Soil Test Pro provides you with a comprehensive analysis from which you can build fertiliser recommendations or controller files while having access to your information anywhere, anytime. 

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Accurate and efficient soil sample collection.

Wintex Agro is a specialist manufacturer of machines for collecting soil samples.  Wintex Agro has established a worldwide network built on manufacturing and supplying soil sampling equipment of the highest quality and efficiency.  Wintex Agro attaches great importance on precision, reliability and user friendliness and all functions can be performed from the driver seat.  With five samplers to choose from there is a model suited to any soil sampling requirement.

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Soil Test Pro

Soil Test Pro is a two-part system- the Web Headquarters on your computer and the Soil Test Pro app on your tablet or smartphone.  These two pieces sync together so you have all the information you need when and where you need it.  You can view nutrient levels across the paddock to increase your farm planning effectiveness and you store and own all your fertility information. 

In addition, should you operate John Deere equipment Soil Test Pro is compatible with your John Deere Operations Centre allowing you to sync the devices for transfer of paddock setup information including name, boundaries and area. 

Soil Test Pro provides

  • Quick pick field boundary tool

  • GPS field mapping

  • Soil sampling without mobile connection

  • Ability to build your own recommendations, variable rate prescriptions and controller files

  • Ability to view your complete soil sampling history to compare results year after year

Download the app and set up an account

Soil Test Pro operates on Apple and Android systems and you can download the app on as many devices as you would like. 

Use the same user name and password for both your mobile app and web headquarters.

Download the app today and follow the sign up process- OR- click the Sign Up button below.

Soil Sample your fields

With Soil Test Pro your can draw your fields online from your web headquarters, GPS your fields with your mobile app, or import boundaries from My John Deere Operations Centre or other Farm Management Software products.

With Soil Test Pro you can use either the web headquarters or mobile app to:

  • Set up and manage sampling jobs

  • Log sample reference point

  • Take photos or record notes relevant to the sample point

  • Soil sample without mobile network connection

Soil Test Pro can be used for various sampling options including zones or grid sampling and it is quick and easy to use the same sampling points when re-sampling a field. 

Make informed decisions

Your fertiliser dollars belong in one of two places; in the correct spot on your field, or in your back pocket.  Soil Test Pro provides you the correct information to make that decision. 

Now you can...

  • Make the right decisions based off your lab results

  • Build your own recommendations, variable rate prescriptions and controller files

  • View your complete soil sampling history to compare results year after year

  • Maximise potential for higher yields or manage your fertiliser budget wisely

  • Share results (between agronomist/consultant and farmer)

  • Access your information anytime, anywhere including reviewing sample results when inspecting crops


Mark Coupland

Detailed soil and tissue testing delivers results

A rigorous approach to soil testing using Soil Test Pro and fortnightly tissue sampling returned an average corn yield across 83 hectares of 17.2 tonne per hectare achieved with 6.7 megatlitres; 2.5T/megalitre. 

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An upgrade for Soil Test Pro

The latest upgrade for Soil Test Pro will be available on Wednesday 14th October in Australia.

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